Charity Fleet Pro, Preferential Vehicle Leasing, and Driver Training for Charities:

Why only drive a van, when you can drive a van equipped with Charity Fleet Pro? The kinder, cleaner, and more efficient way to run your vehicles.

  • Save money
  • Protect your people
  • Offset your carbon emissions
  • Collect more Gift Aid

You’re doing a great thing

For the people you work for, work with, and the communities you serve. Here’s your chance to create an even bigger impact with Charity Fleetcare fleet services, charity vehicle leasing, Charity Fleet Pro, and driver training for charities.

We’re with you. Every mile of the day.

Your fleet problems – SOLVED

Because we only work with charities we’re intimately familiar with your world – the costs, the complications, safety and certification issues. Things like vehicle insurance, performance, financing, the importance of Gift Aid, and of course, your desire to run your vehicles with the minimum possible impact on the environment.

A unique combination of new Charity Fleet Pro, preferential charity vehicle leasing, and emissions offsetting that makes life simpler, safer, cheaper and greener whether your fleet is one vehicle or 100.

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Charity Fleet Pro

Get every penny of value. Fuel savings of up to 20%, insurance premium savings of up to 25%, vehicle/driver performance improvements of 20%, and Gift Aid donations boosted by 70%.

Driver Training for Charities

Quick, Convenient, Low-Cost Driver Assessment and Certification: Save up to 30% on fuel costs. Slash insurance premiums by as much as 25%. Reduce wear, tear and repair bills by 25%.

Charity Van Leasing

The equation is simple: “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.” Low stress, low cost, fully supported, and fully maintained vehicle leases that make your life simple and your charity fleet cost effective.

Miles to Trees

Radically improve the lifespan, the performance and the cost effectiveness of every one of your existing vans, and at the same time offset every gram of carbon they emit.

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The numbers
are NOT good

Charity vans average 15,000 miles a year, and typical fuel consumption totals 36 mpg per year.

Annual emissions totals 4.2 tonnes of carbon each vehicle per year.

But don’t worry, we can help you offset that with our Miles to Trees scheme.

Your essential,
but flawed vans

Even if you didn’t know the exact numbers, you at least know they’re not good.

And you’ll know you want to do something to make your transport kinder, cleaner, and run more efficiently – here’s your chance.

Your essential and inspired Charity Vehicles

Add Charity Fleet Pro to your vans and every quarter we total the miles travelled. Then we offset the emissions with partner ‘Just One Tree’.

Radically improve the lifespan, the performance and the cost effectiveness of every one of your existing vans, and at the same time offset every gram of carbon they emit.

“The Charity Fleet Pro that Charity Fleetcare supplies with its vehicles has enabled us to embrace and enhance the experience our donators have with St Luke’s Plymouth. We can now offer an outstanding level of customer service, allowing the customer improved flexibility and confidence when booking collections.”

Mark Kendall, Logistics & Warehouse Manager, St. Luke’s Hospice, Plymouth

Key benefits of Charity Fleet Pro

Some of the UK’s best known charities already benefit from Charity Fleetcare’s Charity Fleet Pro. Now you can too.

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20/20 visibility
Keeping your drivers safe
Sign on Glass stock
Daily vehicle checks
Huge growth in Gift Aid
Safe vehicles and drivers

Tips, tricks and how-to guides

We want to help you. We have the technology you need for your charity to excel as well as specialist knowledge in this sector. We use this knowledge to make acurate decisions everyday but also to provide you with free impartial advice, tips & tricks and how-to guides.

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