Keeping Your
Charity Moving

Bringing a whole new meaning to ‘charity drive’

Helping charities make their fleet go further

At Charity Fleetcare, we know how much charities rely on the generosity of others. With research and fundraising taking up so much of your time, it’s no surprise the fleet is one of the last things on your mind. But we want to show you why bringing your fleet into the 21st century could be the best decision for your charity.

It’s easy to see your fleet as nothing more than an added expense. But our team has developed a range of products and services that are specifically designed with the charity sector in mind.

As charity retail becomes more complex, we focus on making your life easier, all while helping you be more efficient and productive. We provide all the technology and logistics you need to keep your charity thriving, so you can accept more donations and do more for your cause. Our system even prompts donors to sign up for Gift Aid, which has more than doubled some of our clients’ donations!

We feel everyone and everything deserves a second chance. Whether it’s the people your charity’s profits go to help, the items donated and sold, or the people who are trying to make ends meet by driving your vans. We look to improve all of these with our connected vans.

Our system

Our Android-based system is specifically designed for the charity sector. It’s simple to use and helps you make the most of your fleet. We can either lease you vehicles with the system already installed or install our Connected Van technology into your fleet.

How will you benefit from our Connected Van technology?:

  • Help keep your vehicles above board – No need to worry about anything going. Daily checks ensure your vans are safe and compliant.
  • Collect more donations – Our system gives you the best route, allowing drivers to pick up more donations every day: more donations for your shops = more profits for your charity.
  • Have full control of your entire fleet – You know where your drivers are and when at all times.
  • Help improve time-management and planning – Our top of the range TomTom navigation systems help your drivers avoid hefty traffic jams. 
  • Keep yourself secure – Our digital system keeps your data safe and GDPR compliant so you don’t have to worry about breaches or losses.
  • Improve communication – Whether you’re a manager, shop assistant, or driver, our system keeps you all in one place. No more distractions with our speak-to-text service or missed messages flicking between apps.
  • Increase Gift Aid donations – Our system prompts donors to sign up for Gift Aid. Typically, our processes has doubled some of our clients’ Gift Aid donations.
  • Designate tasks and change schedules remotely – Organise everything at the click of a button.

Along with our kit, your charity will also benefit from other fantastic services from our partners, including insurance, weighing, and ramp systems.

Your cause

By enhancing your fleet with our system, you can improve the service you provide. You can turn one-time donors into longtime patrons. It means you can bring in more donations and more money for your cause, helping the people who need it most.

We want to help you do just that. We have the technology you need for your charity to excel. If you would like to know more about Charity Fleetcare’s solutions, click here.

“The connected technology that Charity Fleetcare supplies with its vehicles has enabled us to embrace and enhance the experience our donators have with St Luke’s Plymouth. We can now offer an outstanding level of customer service, allowing the customer improved flexibility and confidence when booking collections.”

Mark Kendall
Logistics and Warehouse Manager.
St Luke’s hospice, plymouth


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Using our combined knowledge and years of commercial and logistical experience, we have developed a range of products and services exclusively for the Charity sector. We constantly challenge ourselves in developing better products that will help you more as the Charity retail market becomes more sophisticated. Already we have worked on many challenges you face including the improvement of the Donor Journey, Gift Aid, and GDPR – watch this space for other developments.