Turn Miles on the Road into Miles of Newly Planted Forest

These days it’s more than just important we all do our bit for the environment – it’s essential. The time for talk is over. The time for action is now. So use Charity Fleetcare’s Connected Technology to put the brakes on your carbon emissions AND offset those lowered emissions.

Reduce your fuel use

First, we help you to significantly reduce your emissions by increasing the efficiency of your fleet.

Using Charity Fleetcare Connected Technology typically saves you 20% on running costs and fuel bills:

  • Avoid wasted journeys – by streamlining your bookings and workflows
  • Never get needlessly stuck in traffic or drive unnecessary miles – by optimising your route plans
  • Make sure you team drive as efficiently as possible – with smart driver monitoring
  • Quickly spot and eliminate inefficiencies – with live mileage, fuel usage and carbon emissions tracking
  • Pre-empt expensive and environmentally wasteful problems before they even become problem – with automated maintenance management so your vehicles are always in tip top condition

Offset your emissions

Then, we offset all of your emissions. Every quarter we total your fleet miles travelled. Then we offset the emissions with Just One Tree – a non-profit initiative making an impact in the fight against climate change through global reforestation. Lease a Connected Vehicle and we’ll double the number of trees planted on your behalf.

Efficient vehicles used efficiently means lower emissions. It’s good for the planet and great for your bottom line.

The Electric Revolution

But what about electric vans, we hear you ask? It’s a great question.

As compelling as electric vehicles seem – when you need 1200kg payloads, when your drivers don’t have home recharging options and when the prices of electric vans are sky high, they’re simply not viable – yet.

Until electric makes sense (and believe you me, we’re working our hardest to bring you affordable electric vehicles- watch this space!), Connected Van and Miles for Trees is your best way to radically improve the lifespan, the performance and the cost effectiveness of every one of your existing vans, and at the same time offset every gram of carbon they emit.