Driver Training For Charities That’s Quick, Convenient and Low-cost

Are your drivers part of the 30% considered High Risk? The numbers are shocking. Our research also found that:

  • 70% of drivers are below the acceptable professional standard
  • 43% are Low Risk for Concentration & Observations
  • 60% are Medium or High Risk when it comes to Hazard Perception

Why risk it? At Charity Fleetcare we’ll give you all the knowledge and training your drivers need to become the smart, safe, efficient and more environmentally friendly drivers you want them to be.

Quick, convenient, low-cost driver assessment and certification that keeps costs down and drivers safe

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The many long-term benefits of Charity Fleetcare driver assessment and training certification

  • Your drivers are safer in their jobs
  • Other road users are safer
  • Drivers enjoy new certification and valuable transferable skills
  • The qualification acts as a powerful retention and recruitment incentive
  • Vehicles spend less time off the road 
  • Running costs are radically reduced
  • Insurance premiums go down
  • Better driving is better for the environment 

Low-cost, high-return, driver training for your charity fleet

Your fleet problems – SOLVED

An all-in-one fleet driver training package? Or dedicated services tailored to your exact needs?

At Charity Fleetcare we’ve all the specialist driver training you need to protect you, your drivers, and your bottom line.

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