The New Driver Assessment and Training Certification for Charity Vehicle Drivers From Charity Fleetcare

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Your vehicle fleet plays a vital role in the success of your organisation. From donation collection and drop-offs to transporting people around the community, the ability to use safe, reliable, affordable transport is essential. Your vehicles are the lifeblood of your charity. Things would very quickly (and very literally) grind to a halt without them.

But how well do you really understand your fleet? How clearly do you understand its performance and efficiency, or even whether your vehicles are properly roadworthy or not?

As well as your vehicles themselves, what about the way your fleet is driven? Are your drivers as safe, efficient, and polite as they should be?

The Freedom to Drive Badly

It’s a strange concept, legal permission to drive – you earn it once and off you go. And even for HGV and bus drivers, you’re good for a full five years until you need to renew your licence.

With no ongoing checks or assessments as to how well you’re driving, or even whether you’re keeping up to date with new legislation or changes to the highway code, it’s easy to slip into bad driving habits and never have the opportunity to address them.

And let’s face it – who hasn’t cut a corner or pushed a speed limit or two over the years? We’re all guilty at some time or other, of taking advantage of that freedom to drive badly!

Quality Control

For charities that rely on their vehicles, a lack of driver ‘quality control’ has always presented a problem.

Poor driving practices take vehicles off the road for expensive and avoidable repairs. The same for accidents – essential vehicles laid up and unable to do their work while insurance premiums skyrocket. And that’s all on top of vast amounts of fuel wasted every day through inefficient driving – the hard braking, excessive idling and aggressive speed changes that can add up to thousands of pounds worth of extra trips to the pump every year.

Well, that certainly used to be the case. Not anymore though.

Not with Charity Fleetcare’s essential combination of charity fleet telematics and new charity fleet driver training and certification.

New Fleet Efficiencies

At Charity Fleetcare our connected vehicle technology is the smart way to keep an eagle eye on exactly when, where, why and most important of all – how – every one of your vehicles is being driven.

  • Set clear KPIs and run performance reports based on every aspect of your vehicle’s working life, including route planning and fuel usage
  • Keep on top of scheduled and preventative maintenance
  • Never miss another TAX, MOT or insurance renewal

All in the name of efficiency.

New Fleet Accountability & Ability

At the same time, our charity fleet telematics help you establish a crystal clear understanding of precisely how every one of your drivers – drives.

Not in a punitive way. Not so they can be criticised or embarrassed. But so they can improve. Given the choice, who wouldn’t want to be a better driver?

Charity Fleetcare Driver Training irons out all those little inconsistencies and inefficiencies that might have crept in over the years. It updates drivers on the latest additions to the Highway Code and new driving legislation that they ought to know about.

In short, it teaches them to be better, safer, and more efficient when out on the road.

And what do they get as well as all that? They get certification. And again, given the choice, who wouldn’t want recognition for their abilities – an official seal of approval?

Great on their CV and a nice retention or recruitment incentive that you can offer. With good people so hard to find these days, anything that can encourage a driver to join you and stay has got to be a good thing.

And not only do charities and their drivers love the telematics-enabled certification – insurance providers love it too, with clients already reporting typical premium discounts of around 25%!

A Rising Tide Lifts all Vehicles

Hand on heart, how confident are you that your drivers are as up-to-date or as efficient as they could be? Let’s find out. Let’s give them the driving assessment, skills and certification they want and that your charity needs to operate as safely and as cost-effectively as possible.

Tips, tricks and how-to guides

We want to help you. We have the technology you need for your charity to excel as well as specialist knowledge in this sector. We use this knowledge to make accurate decisions everyday but also to provide you with free impartial advice, tips & tricks and how-to guides.

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