Fleet cost savings and efficiencies almost too-good-to-be-true for Toogoodtowaste

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Toogoodtowaste electric vans telematics

The background

Almost 30 years old and with a fleet consisting of ten vehicles, Toogoodtowaste (TGTW) has grown to become the leading reuse charity in South Wales, collecting more than 100,000 donations of furniture, office equipment, electrical and household items every year.

100,000 items a year – that takes a lot of pickups. A lot of deliveries. A lot of organisation, route planning and logistics. And an awful lot of fuel costs, wages and vehicle maintenance to make it all happen.

The brief

Like every charity out there CEO Shaun England and his team were constantly battling to keep their fleet efficiency as high and their running costs as low as they possibly could. 

Who wouldn’t want to run quicker, more direct routes, improve fuel efficiency, offer better customer service and keep their drivers safe – all at the same time?

And it’s because TGTW were so focused on fleet improvement that they were so impressed when they were introduced to Charity Fleetcare at the Reuse Network Conference.

Our new Charity Fleet Pro quickly and easily solves many fleet management problems in one go, so they invested in Charity Fleet Pro for all their vehicles.

Or whatever you feel reads better as long as it replaces Webfleet and tom tom and gets our new name for our software in.

The outcome

In a word – outstanding!

  • Fuel savings – each van saves 5 litres of fuel a week.  That’s 50 litres at almost £2 per litre (and rising) = £100 every week.
  • Time savings  – 1 hour per day, per van, x5 days a week = 50 hours every week.
  • Increased productivity – 1 extra call a day, x10 vans, x5 days = 50 extra calls every week.

Not to mention the insurance premium savings, automatic maintenance and repair scheduling that saves on wear and tear, the extra Giftaid donations and the carbon offset scheme that the technology entitles Toogoodtowaste to contribute towards.

No wonder Shaun is so complimentary:

“Webfleet through Charity Fleet Pro is at the heart of our logistical operations, during the time we have had their system in place we have seen increased productivity, and reduced fuel costs and downtime.”

And little wonder that he’s so keen for Toogoodtowaste to work with Charity Fleetcare on two additional services.

End-to-end EPOS integration that automatically links pick-ups and deliveries to accounts for added time savings, improved accuracy and de-duplication.

Driver training – a new telematics-enabled training and accreditation scheme to make sure that every driver is as safe as they can possibly be every mile they’re on the road. 

Would Shaun recommend Charity Fleetcare to other charities? 

It’s a bit of a silly question really, “we would recommend this system to anyone who has a fleet that needs to be professionally managed.”

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