Charity Fleetcare Fleet Services

It’s time to say goodbye to the hassle, complication and unnecessary costs of running your fleet. Choose Charity Fleetcare – the go-to fleet services team guaranteed to help your charity:

  • Cut fleet insurance and running costs
  • Improve driver quality and safety
  • Relieve admin headaches
  • Generate more Gift Aid
  • Offset emissions

“Webfleet through Charity Fleet Pro is at the heart of our logistical operations, during the time we have had their system in place we have seen increased productivity, and reduced fuel costs and downtime.”

Sean England, CEO, Toogoodtowaste

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Fuel Savings

With real-time job and route optimisation and live vehicle tracking.


Insurance premiums reductions

smart, real-time coaching that keeps drivers safe, vehicles safe and your insurance low.


Increase in Gift Aid penetration

With automatic Gift aid consent capture and EPOS integration

Charity Fleetcare Fleet Services

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Charity Fleet Pro

Real-time telematics to optimise routes, improve driver performance, and monitor carbon emissions. Handle all your important pickup and collection information – your delivery notes, customer signatures, product images and Gift Aid from the convenience of your iPad.

Charity Van Leasing

Preferential vehicle leasing including vehicle sourcing, body build, branding, registration, technology installation and delivery, inclusive of servicing, maintenance, breakdown and recovery.

Bundle your Connected Tech and your vehicle into a single simple lease.

Driver Training for Charities

Drivers love our new online driver training courses. It makes them safer and more efficient.

Vehicles spend less time off the road, running costs are radically reduced, and insurance premiums slashed. Driver training certification is also a great retention and recruitment incentive.

Low-stress, High-Return, Safe and Environmentally Friendly Charity Fleet Management

Your fleet problems – SOLVED

An all-in-one fleet optimisation package? Or dedicated services tailored to your exact needs?

At Charity Fleetcare we’ve all the specialist fleet services support you need (including support on leasing the latest EVs) to run the low-stress, high-return, safe and environmentally friendly fleet you’ve always wanted.

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Charity Fleet Pro

Get every penny of value. Fuel savings of up to 20%, insurance premium savings of up to 25%, vehicle/driver performance improvements of 20%, and Gift Aid donations boosted by 70%.

Driver Training for Charities

Quick, Convenient, Low-Cost Driver Assessment and Certification: Save up to 30% on fuel costs. Slash insurance premiums by as much as 25%. Reduce wear, tear and repair bills by 25%.

Charity Van Leasing

The equation is simple: “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.” Low stress, low cost, fully supported, and fully maintained vehicle leases that make your life simple and your charity fleet cost effective.