Fleet Services

We pride ourselves on being a
one-stop-shop for all things charity fleet.

Our promise to you is to deliver vehicles that are ready to use considering compliance, marketing, safety, and ease of use. 

We go the extra mile so you don’t have to.

What differentiates us from the rest is our ability to offer a complete bespoke solution for all your fleet needs. We combine extensive experience in vehicle leasing and general motor trade to exceed all your expectations. Our relationship with Arnold Clark Vehicle Management means we can offer unparalleled leasing rates. And our dedicated service will keep the wheels of your charity turning.

Onboard Weighing Systems

When operating vans, it’s essential that you consider their load. Otherwise, you run the risk of facing fines and losing your license. Not only this, but overloading vehicles will increase their wear and tear, meaning you’ll have to spend more on them over time.

The VPG Onboard Weighing System helps you balance your load evenly by providing an overview of a vehicle’s weight and load.

Benefits of VPG Onboard Weighing Systems:

  • Easy-to-operate colour touch screen
  • Telematics output for storing and sending weight information
  • Axle overload monitoring that sounds an alarm if the axle has too much weight on it
  • Durable as there are no moving parts
Accident Management

Through our partnership with FMG, we ensure that any time your vehicle spends off the road following an accident will be kept to a minimum. FMG will cover the entire process from recovery to repairs and replacement vehicles. They also take care of paperwork for any insurance claims.

You can benefit from:

  • A 24/7/365 incident response line
  • A nationwide network of approved repairers
  • Free replacement and courtesy vehicles
  • In-house insurance specialist engineers that ensure all estimates and costs are fair
  • Industry leading “uninsured loss recovery service” that will help you recover costs in non-fault accidents
  • Proactive account management that keeps you informed during any repair or claims process

Our TomTom Pro device is connected to the Webfleet system, offering you complete oversight of vehicle operations. You can see where your drivers are on a map and which route they’re taking. Our system gives them the quickest route everyday and helps drivers avoid any traffic. We understand plans change and that’s why you can upload and update workloads remotely, allowing for changes in schedule. 

Webfleet reduces your costs by taking into account traffic conditions which can reduce petrol usage and vehicle wear and tear. Finally, all driver information is collected into an ‘Optidrive’ score, allowing you to compare all drivers based on set criteria for economy and best driving practice. You can use this data to reward good drivers and give people who need it some extra training.

Sign Writing

Vehicle Signwriting can be essential for your business. A visible brand presence can go a long way in appearing professional to existing customers and piquing the interest of new ones. 

Modern van signwriting uses computer-cut vinyl lettering and shapes. These are applied to the vehicle using an adhesive backing. This simple method makes branding a vehicle much simpler than traditional paint-and-brush techniques.

Lightweight Ramp Systems

We have partnered with WM System – the European leader in loading ramps – to help you load and unload vans with greater ease. 

Before a van is delivered to you, WM System can install a ramp to improve access for drivers when transporting furniture and other large items. Using a ramp could significantly improve your drivers’ safety, efficiency, and productivity. If you want to look after your drivers’ back health, this is the best way to do it.

Benefits of WM System:

  • Unbeatable quality – welded in-house by WM System
  • Simple operation – only a single operator is required
  • Reduces loading and unloading times
  • Durable against wear and tear
  • Lightweight
  • Bears up to 1,800kg
Fuel Card

Partnering with Radius, we can offer charity branded (a minimum order applies) fuel cards to help keep your fuelling costs down. Radius are the UK’s leading independent payment solutions provider. 

Radius cards guarantee you cost savings, provide up to 28 days credit, and are accepted at over 3,000 sites including Morrisons and Tesco.