Quick, Convenient, Low-Cost Driver Assessment and Certification

Save a small fortune on your fleet running costs with new Charity Fleetcare online driver risk assessment and training

  • Save up to 30% on fuel costs
  • Slash insurance premiums by as much as 25%
  • Reduce wear, tear and repair bills by 25%

Is bad driving putting your drivers at risk and costing your charity big money?

Did you know that, according to Direct Line Group, poor drivers spend 67% more on fuel than the best drivers? 73% extra in tyres? Or that the average cost of just a minor accident is nearly £17,000?

Fortunately, there’s a new way to prevent all this unnecessary waste. Driver assessment and training certification from Charity Fleetcare – and at just £35 per driver it could be the smartest fleet investment you ever made


Quick, Convenient, Accurate and Low-cost Driver Risk Assessment and Training

Our new online driver training course has been developed especially to give you a crystal clear understanding of exactly how your drivers drive. Whether their driving is dangerous, careless, inconsiderate or perfect – you need to know.

Because the better you can spot knowledge or performance gaps the quicker you can address them.


Safe and Efficient Driving

What about your knowledge of the highway code? Or understanding of dashboard display lights? Hazard perception? Attitude? Driver, passenger and load security?

Experience tells us that the results might surprise you – and not in a good way. Here’s what our certification evaluation revealed about our recent cohorts. Blind spots that could be costing you money, reputation and putting your drivers and other road users in danger.

  • Knowledge & Attitude: More than 70% of drivers were below the acceptable professional standard
  • Concentration & Observations: Only 43% were considered to be Low Risk
  • Hazard Perception: Nearly 60% were Medium or High Risk
  • Across all evaluation points: 30% of drivers were rated as High Risk

Driver training designed by charity fleet users – for charity fleet users.

Once we understand your driver’s strengths and weaknesses we’re in a position to give your drivers the information they need to be safer and more efficient in their jobs.

And with Connected Vehicle telematics in place to continually monitor performance improvement, you can be absolutely confident that (unlike other types of training that just goes ‘in one ear and out the other’) the safety and performance benefits are ongoing.

So everybody wins.


The benefits of our driver assessment and training are many and profound

Here are just a few of the significant and long-term benefits of Charity Fleetcare driver assessment and training certification.

  • Drivers are safer in their jobs
  • Other road users are safer
  • Drivers enjoy new certification and valuable transferable skills
  • The qualification acts as a powerful retention and recruitment incentive
  • Vehicles spend less time off the road
  • Running costs are radically reduced
  • Insurance premiums go down
  • Better driving is better for the environment too.

Connected technology in your vehicles is a great thing.

Especially great when your teams have the knowledge and training they need to become the smarter, safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly drivers you want them to be.

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