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Driver Profiling Quiz

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You are turning into a side road and a pedestrian is waiting to cross the road, who has priority?

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You enter a road where there are road humps. What should you do?

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How would you position your vehicle to gain max visibility approaching a bend, presuming there are no other hazards e.g. poor road surface?

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You are driving on a busy road, the weather conditions are wet and there is surface water in the form of spray. What should you use to improve your safety and allow yourself to be seen better?

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The system of street lamps indicate?

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Why is the road surface under the bridge tarmac, whereas the rest of the carriageway is concrete?

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[Hazard Perception]

What are you likely to come across along this road? What was the clue that helped you recognise this potential hazard?

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What was the Warning sign that you have just passed?

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