Winter 2019

See and be seen!

Clear windows and mirrors of snow and ice; clean your windscreen of muck and dirt.  Clear your lights & number plates so other motorists can see you.

Do your research
Look ahead at forecasts, traffic and road closures so you can plan the best route but try to stick to main roads where possible.

Leave earlier
Rushing means you’re not concentrating.  Give yourself extra time when driving in snowy, icy and wet conditions, especially to new locations.

Leave space
Make sure you leave lots of room between you and the driver in front.  Stopping distances can increase by as much as 10 times in snow.

Move off gently
In particularly icy conditions, try to move off in a higher gear rather than in first gear, to avoid wheel spin.

Use your gears
when slowing down, try to use your gears as much as possible to avoid locking your brakes.

Fill Up
Sounds simple but make sure you have plenty of fuel for your journey.  Wintery conditions mean your car is more likely to use fuel.

Top Up
Make sure your consumables such as oil, coolant, AdBlue and screen wash are topped up before you set off.

Always be Prepared
For long journeys especially, pack an emergency kit; De-icer, Ice Scraper, Coat/Warm clothes, gloves, snow shovel, blanket, bottle of water, phone charger/power bank and jump leads.

If you don’t need to drive…
avoid it! our roads can be a dangerous place, without the added hazards of snow and ice.  Avoid driving when you can

Autumn 2019

We have just taken delivery of our new Ford Low Luton demonstrator.

Although slightly higher than our other LoLoader models, the Ford still negates the need for a tail lift which improves the load carrying performance.

Fitted with Ford’s latest clean diesel engine and with a 6-speed gearbox this van gives both performance and economy.

Our demonstrator comes fitted with our connected van solution which has been Tailor-made for Charity Retailers.  This helps with driver training and compliance, reducing GDPR risks and will improve Gift Aid performance.

Additionally, we have fitted an onboard weighing system and an light weight aluminium ramp.

Call us now on 0800 014 9797 for a full demonstration

Summer 2019

Over the summer, we are delighted to announce Charity Fleetcare have become part of Aimito Limited. The Groups key focus will be businesses that operate with positive social outcomes, this will include the relaunch of the Gone For Good app.

Under this restructure, Steve Caunce, the former CEO of will become the Group Chairman after making an investment in the Group.

Tony Hilton, Founder and CEO, commented “This is a great step forward for us in terms of financial stability and to have Steve for guidance as we go through our next stage of growth will be incredible and is a great testament to the team we have and the work we have done to date.”

Also joining the board of Aimito will be Shaz Sulaman who worked with Steve many years ago in the early days of Phones4u.