Why only drive a van, when you can drive a Connected Van?

There are many benefits to fitting Charity Fleetcare Connected Technology to your existing fleet, or leasing our vans with pre-installed Connected Technology.

Are you connected?

No more pick-up and delivery guesswork. Or wasted journeys. No questionable insurance claims. No drivers disappearing for hours on end. An end to stock going walkabout. Or strangely thirsty vehicles. Or complaints about someone’s driving. No more last minute MOT panics. Not a penny of Gift Aid left on the table. Plus no end-of-lease costs.

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The Benefits are Many. And Substantial.

From the moment your early shift driver pulls away in the morning until the late shift parks up at night, Connected Van gives you complete visibility on every important aspect of your fleet performance. And the clearer you see things – the easier it is to improve them – to save money, protect your drivers, lower your emissions and collect more Gift Aid.

Why only drive a van, when you can drive a Connected Van?

Insurance Premium Savings

The cost of Connect Van technology is more than covered by insurance premium savings – even including dash cam and live performance analysis.


Fuel Savings

Smart diary booking systems and optimised route planning save you 20% in fuel.


Improved Performance

Vehicle/driver performance telematics use real-time, in-cab coaching that improves vehicle drive/performance by 15-20%.


Gift Aid Benefits

Your Connected Van drives your Gift Aid penetration up to a huge 70% +.

Safety and Compliance

Daily DVSA-compliant vehicle safety checks and cameras, MOT and maintenance scheduling keep your drivers safe and you on the right side of the law.

Environmental Benefits

When you lease a Connected Vehicle, every quarter we total the miles travelled. Then we double the value of offset payments to Just One Tree – a non-profit initiative making an impact in the fight against climate change through global reforestation.

Everybody Wins

Of course a Connected Van makes sense. For you, your team, people generous enough to donate to you and for those benefiting from those donations. Everybody wins.

When there’s a choice – why would anyone just drive a van when they can drive a Connected Van?