Vans and Minibus Leasing

What it van leasing?

Van leasing is a rental product – this is where you pay each month, by direct debit, to use a van for a set period of time to a set amount of miles. At the end of the lease you return the vehicle and if it’s in good condition, allowing for “fair wear and tear” that’s it. The great news is that it is usually based on a new, reliable van with a full warranty.

Leasing isn’t for everyone,  however usually it has the least impact on your funds compared with buying a van.

To help the sector we have exclusive tailored leases – no big deposits, no administration fees for redirection of parking tickets, just a nice and simple, easy to understand contract tailored to match your requirements.

Van choice is down to you, although we will always let you know which vehicle manufacturers want to help our Charity partners more.

From a single van or up to 100’s of vans, we can help drive down costs, improve efficiencies and protect your Charity.

Careful consideration when leasing a van

Things to think about should include:

  • Size of the van
  • Ease of parking the van
  • Volume capacity vs weight capacity
  • Compliance

Careful consideration when leasing a minibus

  • Number of seats
  • Age of the drivers and potential restrictions
  • Conversion options
  • Compliance