Charity Exclusive Connected Van

What is our connected van?

Having spoken to hundreds of Charity retailers, you share some of the same issues and concerns, one of these is your van fleet.

Our research showed that some of the larger, national charities arrange 1,000’s of collections a day, all on paperwork and this includes everything from recording what’s picked up to the completion of the gift aid paperwork.

With our Partners, TomTom and OBS Logistics, we have made the first step in reducing the paperwork that’s created for your vans, this includes:

  • Drop / Collection Data sent direct to your TomTom unit
  • Daily Vehicle Checks with driver ID
  • Routes provided based on live traffic conditions
  • Collection / Drop off data collected including “sign on glass”
  • Gift aid data completion and collection
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Exception reporting

All of this can be self financing due to the increase in mobile gift aid claims.