In the drive for better, there’s nothing better than
Connected Technology

In the drive for ‘better’ there’s no better way to make sure that your vehicles, and your people are all working as efficiently and as safely as possible than by using Connected Technology from Charity Fleetcare. Good for you, your team, the communities you serve and for the environment.

And the even better news? New Connected Technology 2. Time you added Connected Technology to your fleet?

Are you connected?

Connected Technology gives you real-time, 20/20 fleet performance insight. No more pick-up and delivery guesswork or wasted journeys. No questionable insurance claims. No drivers disappearing for hours on end. An end to stock going walkabout. Or strangely thirsty vehicles. Or complaints about someone’s driving. No more last minute MOT panics. Not a penny of Gift Aid left on the table.

Running a charity fleet or vehicle is a complicated business. Connected Technology makes it easy. Especially now that new Connected Technology 2, is here to help you manage your vehicles even more efficiently. Learn more about CT2 here.

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Better Efficiencies

There’s no shortage of ways for your operations to bleed cash. Missed pickups, poor quality stock, wasted journeys and inefficient driving – and what about the Gift Aid that slips through your fingers? Such a waste.

Connected Technology make sure you get every penny of value, from every precious donation.

  • Streamlined pre-qualified bookings and workflows
  • Optimised live route planning
  • Real-time live tracking and weekly KPI reports on driver performance and efficiency
  • Instant access to mileage, fuel usage and carbon emissions data
  • Customisable digital collection and delivery notes

Fuel Savings

Smart diary booking systems and optimised route planning save you 20% in fuel.


Improved Performance

Vehicle/driver performance telematics use real-time, in-cab coaching that improves vehicle drive/performance by 15-20%.


Gift Aid Benefits

Your Connected Van drives your Gift Aid penetration up to a huge 70% +.

Greater Safety and Compliance

You have a responsibility to make sure that your vehicles are safe and roadworthy and that your drivers enjoy the maximum protection from accidents and spurious insurance claims.

Connected technology takes care of that:

  • Daily vehicle checks mean 100% legal compliance
  • Scheduled MOT and maintenance
  • Dashcam technology for added driver protection, incident reporting and insurance claims
  • Optional 360 cameras and overload warning monitor

Improved Reputation

They say your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. What about when you’re out on the road? Or visiting people’s houses to collect donations? Of course you want to present as positive an image of your charity as possible. And that’s exactly what Connected Technology helps you do:

  • Automatic customer appointment scheduling and reminders
  • Optimised live route planning that means your drivers get to customers on time
  • Quick and efficient digital collection and signoffs
  • Smart driving coach (with instant feedback to drivers on their driving style) helps your drivers always represent your charity in the most positive light

Connected Technology 2

With the latest release of new Connected Technology 2, now you can manage your vehicles even more efficiently.

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Better For The Environment

Of course we want to keep emissions down to a minimum. Which is what makes the deep performance insights that Connected Technology deliver so important. Fewer wasted journeys, better routed journeys, healthier, better maintained vehicles, and drivers coached to save fuel and extend the lifespan of their vehicles – it all adds up. And when you lease a Connected Vehicle, we total the miles travelled and double the value in offset payments to Just One Tree – a non-profit initiative making an impact in the fight against climate change through global reforestation.

Get connected today. Any vehicle. Anywhere. Any time. And if you lease any vehicle from us in the future, we’ll refit your existing Connected Technology for free. Game changing technology already used by the UK’s best known charities. Join them.