Connected Tech just got, much… much better.

New Connected Tech 2 (CT2) is the next-generation Charity Fleetcare tool that transforms your donation collection process from collection ‘headache’, to collection ‘heaven’ – for you AND your donors.

  • See every vehicle location live on Webfleet
  • Programme new jobs live
  • Make every collection quick and simple
  • Monitor individual driver performance in real-time
  • Message and coach drivers in real-time

The perfect way to streamline charity collections

CT2 radically reduces collection fails, protect your drivers and make an even bigger positive impact on your communities.

And the best part? While you’re saving time, money and hassle every time you book and collect, and with Gift Aid approval baked into the new system, you’ll quickly see your Gift Aid donations skyrocket!

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Make collections a breeze!

  • Optimised route planning so that as well as tracking every vehicle location live on Webfleet you can manage routes ‘on the fly’ to factor in traffic and collection information.
  • Centralised or shop-level allocation means staff, vans and pickups can be allocated by postcode, date, time and availability in a shared easy-to-read calendar.
  • Set your own collection parameters. Collect the information that matters to you. Categorise and detail donation types. Condition. Access. Parking info. Whatever you need.
  • Real-time driver and customer comms so everyone knows exactly what’s happening and when. With poor communications the main reason for collection failure, we’ve put crystal clear comms right at the heart of our new platform to eliminate as many collection errors (and costs) as possible.


CT2 helps you gather all the important location, donation and access information you need to get every collection right the first time. Instantly eliminate those expensive, time-consuming and frustrating donation fails.

Detail the specific type of donation. What condition is it in? What about access? What’s the parking? Are there stairs? Is there a lift? Collection times to suit?

Gift Aid is approved, the booking is confirmed with the donor, and detailed collection instructions are automatically emailed or SMSed.

CT2 lets you ask the questions that matter most so every collection is simple, smooth and stress-free for you and your customers.

charity collections donations van

Calendar View Scheduling

Centralised or shop-level scheduling of staff, vans and pickups by postcode, date, time and availability. Set collection types, days of the week and locations by shop and by vehicle.

CT2 estimates collection schedule timings, the van staff required, and optimises every pickup in seconds not hours – then adds each collection to the manifest before scheduling it

You can even create per-vehicle checks and tailored lists, such as Covid checklists for PPE and hand sanitiser.

charity collection bookings calendar


CT2 uses GPS to automatically set the quickest and most efficient driver routes and continually updates your drivers in real-time. Of course, if they know something GPS doesn’t, then you can adjust the route manually. Either way, you’ll have a complete overview of each vehicle’s location and performance.

Detailed information, an optimised route and clear communication with each donor make every collection clean, convenient, and time/cost-effective.

  • Improved visibility: Real-time status reporting gives you a clear and concise view of the status of your collections at every stage of the route. Use this information to make informed decisions about your collections, such as whether and how to reroute and when to contact the customer with updated collection information.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Real-time status reports help you improve customer satisfaction (and reduce the number of customer inquiries and complaints) by keeping donors clearly informed. Imagine how happy your donors will be if you could pinpoint a to-the-minute collection time. 
man scanning items

Game-changing insights

As well as making sure that your collection system is always running at maximum efficiency, CT2 also gives your game-changing insights to help you continually improve your fleet services.

Use your dashboard overview to see:

  • Van locations 
  • The time spent on collections
  • Collection times by item 
  • The most collected and rejected items
  • Detailed driver behaviours
  • Gift Aid figures
charity fleet management system