Charity Fleetcare makes up part of the Aimito Group.

Formed in 2019, Aimito is an owner-operated group of north-west-based entrepreneurs. All of our businesses have the underlying goal of making a difference, looking to make ‘profits with purpose’. We develop technology-focused businesses that work towards positive social outcomes. Between us, we have the experience, skills, and knowledge needed to make a real difference for a variety of causes.

As well as Charity Fleetcare, the Aimito Group includes:

Gone for Good smartphone App

Gone for Good makes it easier for everyone to make donations to local charity shops. Users simply take a picture of what they want to donate, write a brief description, and pick their chosen charity. 

The charity then gets in touch with the donor to arrange a collection. Working with some of the UK’s largest charity retailers, Gone For Good is committed to reducing landfill and improving the donor journey. By making donations so effortless, we hope to encourage more people to give their items a second chance.

The process also means charity retailers get to assess an item’s quality before accepting it and can opt-out of specific categories of items to prevent overstocking and waste.

Grey Fleet Technology

Grey Fleet Technology aims to reduce the risk, miles, and cost of some of the UK’s largest fleets. The intention is that by doing this, it will help to reduce these fleet’s carbon footprint. 

Launching in 2020, Grey Fleet Technology will make managing your grey fleet easy.

Skills for Good

Skills For Good looks to match highly qualified ex-offenders to skills shortages across the UK. The goal is to help them build a more sustainable and rewarding life for themselves. 

Operating as an employment agency, companies will be able to hire an ex-offender for a 12-week period and see if there is a personal, cultural, and skill-matched opportunity. If this is the case, the new employee can then be offered a full-time role without any recruitment fees.