Our company

We are a privately owned socially conscious business focussed on delivering the best results for our Charity clients. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we are able to meet any requirements you may have.

The operations team running the business have many years experience in vehicle supply and management and over the last ½ decade have dedicated themselves to the Charity sector.

Our investment team have many years experience in both the third sector and in small and large businesses’ across the Globe including the vehicle leasing and management sector.

Within our group, other businesses include Gone For Good, Reason Digital and UK Changes.

While maintaining our independence, we have strong buying relationships with all leading vehicle manufacturers and strategic partnerships with a number of market leaders. So you can trust us to find the vehicle you want and the best deal for you.


That’s what Charity Fleetcare’s unique new fleet vehicle service offers for your charity.

We know you want to make the best use of your vehicle budget. You need reliable transport for your staff and volunteers. But you don’t want to be tied into long, inflexible hire or purchase plans. Staff could leave or your financial circumstances could change.

We have the answer. We offer 12-month leases – significantly shorter and more flexible than any other company. That means you can react quickly to changes in your charity’s needs – and pay less overall for your fleet. Not to mention that getting a new car every year will boost staff and volunteer morale.

Our cars are the latest models to, helping you meet your environmental commitments. We also take care of all the admin, saving you time and effort.

Plus, we offer fuel cards staff can use easily and tracking systems so you can analyse vehicle costs and movements, and make sure your staff stay safe.

Using Charity Fleetcare means you’ll have more money and time for your vital work.

What more could you want?